BCubed is an advanced software and engineering firm with a focus on the intelligence, department of defense, and commercial sectors implementing signal processing, image processing, and machine learning applications focused on unique mission needs, efficient implementation, and leveraging evolving commercial off the shelf technology.

Areas of Focus


Signal Processing

  • Satellite Demodulation & Exploitation

  • Data Infiltration/Exfiltration through Satellite, Airborne, Maritime, Terrestrial

  • Geolocation

  • Link Performance Analysis

  • Counter-Intelligence Assessment and Vulnerability Analysis

  • Evolving Ground Station Development and COTS Implementations

  • Geolocation Accuracy Prediction and Modeling

  • RF Propagation Modeling for Operations

Image Processing

  • Image Processing and Algorithm Development

  • Convolution, Correlation, and Detection

  • Signal Processing Algorithm Application to Image Processing Paradigm

  • Machine Learning Classification and Detection Utilizing Image Processing Techniques

  • Video Compression Algorithms

  • Steganography

Machine Learning

  • Data Mining, Preparation, and Analysis for Machine Learning Implementations

  • Bayesian Statistics Algorithm Development and Application

  • Support Vector Machine Classification Applications

  • Principal Component Analysis and Parameter Reduction

  • Autonomous Machine Learning Classification Applications

    • Facial Recognition

    • Handwriting Recognition

    • Audio Detection and Voice Recognition

    • Bayesian Prediction

    • Artificial Neural Networks

    • Quadratic Classification Algorithms

    • Linear Classification Algorithms

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BCubed Engineering Corporation
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BCubed Engineering maintains a strict policy of never soliciting or requesting personal information, to include back account details or similar sensitive data.


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